Stroller Parking at Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion

The theme this week for Disney Wordless Wednesday is Disney Dads. Dads are a special class of human. For some reason when making the jump from normal adult to male parent something in the brain switches. Corny jokes seem much much funnier and you are apt to get excited about things, like stroller parking, that would never have been noticed pre-child.

Before kids there is no way that I would have thought that marked spaces for stroller parking at the Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion would be cool, but now I think it’s awesome. Leave it to Japan to make sure that stroller parking is properly organized.

Stroller Parking at Tokyo Disney Haunted Mansion

Tokyo Disney Haunted Mansion

Tokyo Disney Haunted Mansion Sign


12 thoughts on “Stroller Parking at Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion

  1. Love the pictures and the stories of the Stroller Parking at the Haunted Mansion! I have totally seen many the puzzled father as they search to find the stroller that belongs to them!

  2. Great perspective on Disney fatherhood! My husband first learned the art of collapsing a stroller while at Disney. Finding a parking space for it was even more of a challenge!
    How very considerate of Tokyo Disneyland to provide designated parking! Next they should offer valet service, lol.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures with us and for joining in the DWW blog hop fun.

    • Valet would be even better! In California I noticed a lot of “they moved all of the strollers to a new place while I was on the ride” confusion which is kind of the opposite of valet!

  3. We didn’t make it to Tokyo DIsneyland so I’m loving this Haunted Mansion look. Yes, leave it to Japan to be so organized. My husband mastered the art of navigating through the crowds in a stroller at Disney parks. It’s amazing what things you find cool with kids. Happy Father’s Day, Ryan!

    • Thanks! Tokyo was actually just my second strollerless Disney trip as a Dad. To be honest, there were a few times when I missed having something to push my camera backpack around on!

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