Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser Shuttle Bus

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Cruiser

The Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser is part of a fleet of retro art-deco buses that shuttle people from official partner hotels to the Bayside Station monorail stop.  Most of the hotels are actually across the street from Bayside Station and are within very easy walking distance. The Disney Ambassador hotel, which is the only Disney hotel at the resort not located at one of the parks, also uses the cruisers to shuttle guests to each park. We ended up riding the resort cruisers more times than not because they arrive so often that half the time there either be a shuttle waiting for you or one within sight and heading your way. They are also very cool.

Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser Rear View

If you’re a fan of art-deco you’ll love the chrome and curves of these shuttles. The small bumpers and headlights on the cruisers scream 1950’s. The big fin that Mickey is riding on the top of the bus seems inspired by Cadillac. Adding to the Disney theme are large Mickey silhouette doors/windows on the sides and back of the bus as well as Mickey shaped tail lights.

Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser Interior

The streamline art-deco look and feel on the outside is continued on the inside and is themed with red seats and yellow buttons plus Mickey handles added for safety. Everywhere that you look on the bus you will see small details that fit the theme nicely.

Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser Handles

The shuttles run from 7am to 11:30pm and, unlike the Tokyo Disney Resort Line monorail, riding the Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser is free of charge. I’ve only every been to Tokyo Disney Resort during less busy periods so the cruisers have never been full, but if you are forced to make the 3 minute walk to one of the partner hotels you’ll still get to admire the outside of these beauties!

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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser Shuttle Bus

  1. That is cool. I wonder why they don’t do something like that in Orlando? I never knew they had that. I especially like the back windshield.

  2. One of our favorite things at Tokyo Disney. The buss’ are amazing. Add to that: if you appreciate how clean Disney parks are in the US… will be amazed at Tokyo. The parks leave you speechless. Beautiful and details beyond imagination.

  3. I simply love how each of the international Disney Parks have their own personality. I have not (yet) been to Tokyo, so these photos are especially exciting to see. Are you saying that they charge for the monorail at Tokyo Disneyland?! That’s astounding. Unfortunately, by contrast Disneyland Paris is a tad shabby, and not so immaculate. I hope their financial situation improves, so that it can meet the standards of all other parks. Thanks for these!!

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